Barito Putera Confidently Challenged Persela despite Not Field Trial

Barito Putera Confidently Challenged Persela despite Not Field Trial

Barito Putera squad under the direction of coach Jacksen F Tiago confidently able to complicate Persela Lamongan during the clash of League 1 at Surajaya Stadium, Lamongan, Friday (28/07/2017) afternoon.

In fact, Rizky Pora and his friends did not conduct field trials that usually done by the visitors on the H-1. They prefer to practice in the field of Tambak Sari, Surabaya, which is adjacent to where the team stay.

“We are grateful for what we planned to do well and we have prepared the team to face Persela. We practice in the field Tambak Sari, which is close to the inn, “said Jacksen in a press conference before the game on Thursday (07/27/2017).

“We do not try the field, just tomorrow before the game, because the distance inn is far enough. So we save the players power and practice at Tambak Sari course because in addition to foreign players, I think all the players have ever felt the play here (Stadium Surajaya), “he said.

Furthermore, this Brazilian coach explains that it (not using field trials Surajaya Stadium) has actually been applied since the handle Persipura Jayapura.

“Since I hold Persipura, we always practice in Surabaya and do not use field try. If the practice here (Stadium Surajaya) maybe we need three to four hours and it must be draining the players. So we chose the exercise in Surabaya alone, “said Jacksen.

Barito Putera has a great chance to play Hansamu Yama Pratama and Gavin Kwan Adsit, who just returned from strengthening Indonesia U-22 national team. But they must be minus M Robi, Ambrizal, and Valentino Teulabun, who can not be played in that game.

“Hansamu and Gavin, they’ve joined the team last night in Surabaya. They also had morning exercises. If you can policy from PSSI can be played, of course I will play. But if not, we will also follow the rules that apply, “said Jacksen.

Meanwhile Dandi Maulana Abdulhak who represented the players Barito Putera said both he and his colleagues are ready to perform and will try to offer points for Barito Putera. Although, they will undergo a game away.

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