Failed to Recruit John Terry, Harry Redknapp Regret

Failed to Recruit John Terry, Harry Redknapp Regret
Sorry and disappointed. That’s what felt Birmingham City Manager, Harry Redknapp, after failing to win the struggle of John Terry Agen Sbobet.

John Terry became the content of many teams after his contract at Chelsea finished on 30 June 2017. Birmingham City and Aston Villa are at the forefront of the hunt for the 36-year-old defender.

Finally, Terry chose Pinangan Villa. He was officially introduced on Monday (3/7/2017).

Redknapp admits he is less intense in approaching Terry so the player prefers closer to Villa which incidentally is a rival of Birmingham city.

“I may have to blame myself, I’m not really chasing John Terry,” said the Tottenham Hotspur tactician told talkSPORT.

“We made a good offer, but on the other hand, I always think about the budget and the salaries of players,” Redknapp said.

A myriad of achievements with Chelsea make Terry a prima donna even though he was no longer young. He left Stamford Bridge for a total of 17 titles, including five English League titles and one Champions League.

Terry is also full of experience in the international arena. London-born man was packing 78 caps together with the senior England team.

During his career as a professional footballer, Terry has been recorded to play for 14 coaches.

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