The Cavani-Neymar Conflict Is Overly Exaggerated

The Cavani-Neymar Conflict Is Overly Exaggerated

Father of Neymar admits if the conflict between his son and teammate at PSG, Edinson Cavani is exaggerated.

The Brazilian and Cavani were seen debating when his side won 2-0 at Lyon, where the Uruguayan striker insisted that he had to be a penalty execution that ultimately did not tear his opponent’s goal.

“The reports that discuss the conflict between Neymar and Cavani are too excessive,” he said.

“Everything is fine, no problem whatsoever.

“Trio Neymar-Cavani-Mbappe will be loved by football fans. Barca trio inspire many people, as well as the trio of PSG front line.

“For us, a separate blessing when Mbappe joined with PSG. He plays like a 30-year-old veteran. “

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