How to Host a Website?

Hosting a website is not as simple as it looks like. There are number of things which one have to look at when selecting a good hosting company. With growing number of options the hosting pricing structure seems simple but they always have a hidden pricing structure. we will discuss on how to avoid these and get a good hosting option for your business for long run.

You can find the complete list of web hosting services here: However, we will discuss some of the most used hosting options by a common person and how to identify your requirements properly.

Domain Name Selection

The most important thing is the domain name selection. You can use the following name suggestion sites to get an idea on how your name should be.

  • NameStation ( I personally use this site to get a good idea on how the name should be.
  • Namemesh (
  • Panabee (

Domain Registration

After domain name selection you will have to register the domain name with your desired extension. The most popular TLD(Top Level Domain) extensions are .com, .net, .biz, .org. However, in terms of SEO you can select country level extensions like, .uk, .us, .pk, .in etc.

There are many popular domain registrars some of them are:

  •  Namecheap
  • Godaddy
  • Hover
  • ResellerClub
  • Namesilo

On Namecheap, Godaddy you may be able to register your domain name for under $3 for first year with a coupon but for renewal the price will turn to $13+ depending on the domain extension for renewal, so make sure to select the right domain registrar while registering the domain first time.

I personally use ResellerClub and Namesilo as these are the best platforms to register the domain name. The good one is Namesilo as you can will get free WHOIS private for lifetime if you intend to use it. Usually it costs not around $5/yr. So you will save more money with namesilo and domain cost is only $8.89/yr and renewal fee is also same.
Note: Price may vary depending on your domains register with these platforms.

Web Hosting Company

This it the most important and crucial part. Usually people get trap with low fee hosting service provider and ends up with bad experience. To avoid these never go for low cost solution unless that company have a good sense of hosting and most important good reviews. Without that do not fall for them as that will hurt you and your business in long run.

Some of the important points to look at:

  • Customer Support
  • Reputation and Reviews
  • Server Reliability and Security
  • Hosting Cost
  • Essential Features

Common Issues with small Hosting Service Providers

  1. Usually, what happens is when you fall for a low cost hosting solution, you end up with different restrictions like you get an add-on domain services instead of full access to your account, this prevents you to accessing all the features. You can control everything and always need to ask that person to make certain changes and ends up with delay in the process. So always make sure you get a full access to your account.
  2. Usually they are resellers and do not have their own servers so that is also one of the issue when it comes to support. As they rely on the third party and have to wait for a long time to get support. So support time affects here.
  3. No knowledge of hosting and how it works, this affects a lot again when it comes to support.
  4. Low number of features provided.
  5. Security & reliability falls way away
  6. Asks for more money when you reach certain resources.

Good Hosting Companies

Good hosting companies are always provide top-notch services and when it comes to support they do beyond the expectation and dig the issues right away and solve the client issue at the right time.

  • Good Support
  • Knows what they are selling
  • Good infratstructure
  • Own Dedicated Servers  or Co-Locations
  • Server Level Administrators in Team
  • Good Pricing Structre
  • No Hidden Charges

Most of the good reliable hosts are doing the job perfectly in terms of support and services. The hardware they use is top-notch with upto date software and applications to run the hosting seamless without any issues. They resolve the issues right away and avoid the downtime as much as possible. They keep on patching the servers with right security rules and keep them upto date which is crucial part now a days.  Hosting Server location and hardware level firewall is another thing to look at when considering a hosting company.

Some of the good hosting service providers are:

So once you figure out how a hosting company works and which one is good you can simply point your domain name to their servers via Nameservers. Once its fully propagated you can setup your website as per your needs. There are number of options available like WordPress, Joomla, Magento or custom sites depending on your requirements. After that all you have to work on your website and grow instead of looking at new hosting server with bad experience.

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