Wright: Arsenal fans can threaten Wenger

Wright: Arsenal fans can threaten Wenger

Arsenal football legend Ian Wright says Arsene Wenger’s career over the next two seasons may be disrupted by supporters Agen Sbobet.

The reason, after successfully winning the Community Shield and also win in the Premier League opener against Leicester City. The Gunners precisely last weekend swallow 1-0 defeat of Stoke City. So that makes fans feel frustrated and it could just be repeated like the previous season. Where they demand that Arsene immediately retreat from the chair kepalatihannya and make the atmosphere of the team is not conducive.

However, Wright feels the French tactician’s tactician could have avoided him if Liverpool were touched by the weekend could achieve a good result at least one point when competing at Anfield.

“There is a party and hunger vibes about Arsenal at the moment,” Ian Wright told the media.

“I know that this is only two games but you feel there is something waiting to erupt, that’s how I feel now.

“If Wenger can put the right players, maybe this can be avoided. But I feel so nervous with every Arsenal game so far and scare me. “

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